08 January 2013

HAPPY 2013!!!
This is NOT how my 2013 blogging year should start!
I had the perfect pic for the top of the page
Work with me here...
Red background
White printing
White crown on the top of the pic.
Keep Calm
Happy 2013
But would it copy to here?
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. 
New Year's Eve was full of surprises!
Kiereney called and said she was flying back from her job in CT THAT NIGHT because Yale Hospital had referred her back her for abdominal pain associated with her vasculoperitoneal shunt for her pseudotumor cerebri.
After 8 hours st SLU Hospital ER we thought we had a diagnosis and a plan.
Exploratory surgery of the abdomen to clean out an abscess around the shunt.
After surgery on Friday, the story had changed.
Seems like the abdominal portions of the LAST 3 surgeries were hooked TOGETHER instead of being replaced with each surgery.  One of the not needed shunts stopped up and the pressure blew the connection of the 3 apart, resulting in spinal fluid buildup pressure at the site of her last incision a year ago.  Drained fluid, took out 3 abdominal systems and put in a new one.  NO ABSCESS, PRAISE GOD!
And then sent her home the NEXT DAY!!!!  Unhooked her IV morphine, gave me a script for ORAL pain meds and waved bye-bye.
We see her MD today and her neurosurgeon on Thursday and by the time I am done with both of them...they will know of my complete and utter dissatisfaction with the care my daughter was given!
The previous nanny is going to cover for her until she gets clearance to fly and then she will resume her previous job which she LOVES!
So I have been in a whirling dervish for the last week.
I am keeping my word "Believe" for another year. A sweet, sweet dear friend of mine sent me a BOXFUL of Believe ornaments, including a handmade Rosary. I am beyond touched, thrilled and grateful to have her and her husband in my life. I am definitely not worthy.
Will update later after I chew on some doctors.
Don't stop BELIEVIN'!!!!!


linda eller said...

Chew hard, they deserve it 100%. Please keep us posted on her progress when you can, and in the meantime, prayers will go up.

Debbie said...

You, my sweet friend, are more worthy than you know!!! I Love Ya!!

God Bless~

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