22 May 2013

Look to the Rainbow!

I've been to this Bridge a lot over the years.
Never fact, bittersweet.
How do you say goodbye?
My beautiful-in-every-way 18 year old granddog, Brandy, slipped to the Rainbow Bridge while I and her mother were gone Saturday morning for a couple of hours.  First time I had left her in forever although Kiereney and Michael were here and she did not die alone.
Brandy wanted it that way.
We knew she was recently diagnosed with bone cancer but the vet gave her 6 months and that is what I subconsciously put on the calendar.
I think she made it a month.
But she got a lot accomplished.
She got to see Uncle Michael and spend time with him before he deploys.
She waited until her Daddy Jay got back from Army training.
She got undivided care and love from her Grandma.
We sang songs, cuddled and she got any food she wanted.
We rescued her for my daughter, Kelli when she was 1.  She was in an abusive home.
She was the second of the Dachsie Quads....we bought Shania in 96, rescued Brandy in 96, rescued Macon for Michael a couple of years later and then rescued Katie for Kiereney.  All dachsies, all brown and smooth haired except for black and tan Macon.
Brandy was the judicial one of the 4.  She always had a somber look but was the most comforting one.  She always took care of everyone else.  Many said had we had her AKC papers she would have been a winner at Westminster.
She was a winner in this family.
She loved her vanilla wafers and had the best nose.  Even toward the autumn of her life, she could smell food cooking 2 rooms away and would start the low bark of, "Bring it!"  She loved to eat, yet maintained her svelte physique.
She was treasured.
She is missed.
She will always be in Grandma's heart.
A pic of her in the last few months with my daughter, Kelli, and her fiance', Jay.

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Debbie said...

Oh Ness, I am so sorry. It's so hard losing a pet, esp one that's been around so long. She looked like a sweet dog. Some are just so special, well all are, but some more. Our lil maltese, Cookie is so sweet and loving, and has that special sense about her. She knows just how to comfort me. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I just don't know what we would do without the love of our pets. She is probably taking care of all those "Over the Rainbow Bridge"

God Bless~