09 June 2013

The First Goodbye

After coming home on his 28th birthday on 5 May, my son Michael left this past Friday for 2 weeks of Annual Training at Ft. Pickett, VA.
We did a lot while he was here.
Or I should say HE did a lot while he was here.
Mom came down with costochronditis (weeding and losing weight and having your CPAP machine set too high for your present weight will do that to you) so he took over the yard mowing, weeding and putting trash/recyclables out weekly.  In addition our washer and dryer is in the basement which we access from outside so he did my laundry.
He spent time with his sister and future brother-in-law in St. Louis, about 16 miles away.
There are no Steak and Shakes in VA so we made sure to get him to one while he was here.  Mom made or had made his favorite meals and desserts. 
We watched the movie Lincoln and we both coached the St. Louis Cardinals from this side of the TV as well as he got to go to at least 1 game.
He shepherded us through our first tornado warning of the season while Roger was in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  I tell you, Army 1st Lieutenants are good at organizing and moving people/animals to the basement which he had previously set up with all the comforts of the living room except we had to take cover right when supper was done (he was my chief cook and kitchen cleaner while I was at the hospital with Roger).
He ran every other day in true Army style and on the days he didn't run, he was conditioning with push ups and sit ups. 
He got all the paperwork done for his upcoming deployment to Saudi Arabia at the end of this month for a year.
He will be back here on June 23 and the 5 day countdown will be on for the Second Goodbye from Ft. Benning, that will leave me shaking, crying and wanting to hide out in a cave until August 2014 when he returns.
Still trying to get on with my life with Kathy being gone over 3 months now.  I miss my BFA so much.
Thinking about deleting my Facebook account. (Hopefully that is the Depression Monster talking).
Continue to BELIEVE. 
Stay tuned.
Stay tuned.