19 December 2007

We Are Santa's Elves

Thursday morning finds Michael and me taking DH to the doctor and then journeying 100 miles south to the home of my best friend, Kathy(Michael's Other Mother) She lives with her husband, niece and 2 great nephews ages 2 and 1. She hasn't got her tree up or her presents wrapped because she works full time and when she comes home she takes care of the great nephews because the other 2 in the family aren't team players and in the Spirit of Christmas, we'll leave it at that. So Michael is going to put up her tree and I'm going to wrap presents and then we'll drive home that evening. The boys will be in daycare and Kathy is off until the day after Christmas so we will get a lot done in the true spirit of sisterhood and Christmas.

The quilt has batting and is totally together. I just have to tack it and that will be done this afternoon/evening and then I will post a picture. I spent yesterday afternoon alternately working on in and picking it apart for mistakes that I saw in it. Had to let that go after Michael had the audacity to take my Mom #39 speech on accomplishment and being proud of yourself and threw it right back at me! I think there's a law on using Mom Speeches against mom...have to check that out.

Didn't get to the cookies yesterday so just combined the sugar cookie dough and it's chilling so we can get those and chocolate chip cookies done.

CJ, my heartfelt prayers are with you today as you speedily wing your way home for Christmas. Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for being a wonderful son. There aren't many of those around...your mother and I got 2 of the few...

Tonight when you get ready to go to bed, turn out your lights, look at your lit Christmas tree and count your many blessings.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Again, your well wishes are truly appreciated. I'm so happy that your quilt is almost complete - I can't wait to see it!!

Have a wonderful time wrapping and tree trimming for your friend. What a wonderful thing to do for someone else. Wish I was closer, I'd come along. I LOVE TO WRAP!!

Counting the minutes until CJ gets off that plane - just talked to him - he's at the airport and MAD that security took his can of Red Bull from him! :-)


Catty Ax Lady said...

Alright Ness, here's my Christmas request: next time you make a quilt, take step by step pictures. Take so many pictures it's actually almost painful. Then post them for quilting-wannabes like me. Either that, or post finished pictures of the one you're working on now :p

When a lovely thing to do for your friend. I'm fairly certain I don't have friends like that...she's one lucky lady!