26 January 2008

Dedicated to A1C Christopher J. Twomey

The shout heard 'round the world last night as we got word that AIC Christopher J. (Shmoopy) Twomey completed his requirement and passed the SERE course.

This was not a walk in the park by ANY means. What he did in this training was heart wrenching, teeth grinding and downright where the rubber met the road. There was no turning back. He gathered up his courage, used his brilliant mind and turned into a lean, mean, strong, testing machine under adverse weather conditions and tough mental challenges.

He was supported by loving parents, family, girlfriend, blogger friends, friends and a special little guy who goes by C. I'm proud to have been a member of that group.

The tears of happiness, pride, and respect for him continue to flow.

I called my son and told him about CJ and even he choked up for a moment. He knew what CJ had been about for the last weeks and said he, too, hoped to be able to meet him someday and salute him for a job well done.

So in honor of CJ's success, this is CJ Celebrate Weekend. Wear your Airforce blue colored shirts, sweats, jeans and whatever you've got available in honor of this young man who fought the good fight, finished the course and kept the faith.

Well done, CJ and Godspeed.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

First of all, this is a beautiful entry. I am honored that you would do this for my son.

We are bursting with pride and it tickles me to know that you are too.

Now, to set the record straight...I am NOT blowing off your call!! I am in Massachusetts right now meeting my new niece so I couldn't answer your call in Maine silly rabbit!!

I think I will email you my cell phone number so you can call me here if you can. We have a few hours to kill so call if you can!!

I have something to tell you - a message from CJ!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

If you get this, email me your phone number.

The wireless server I am on will not let me send you an email. Not sure if it will let me get emails, but it's worth a shot!!


Debra w said...


Such a beautiful tribute! You are so sweet to give our favorite family such a special "shout-out"!

I hope that you are feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! How great is that??? I add my congrats!!

Pioneering in PA said...

Awesome of you to pull for Shmoopy the way that you do. If only 25% of our country were half as dedicated as you are for rooting these men and women on, we would be in a better place.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I talked about you all over the place today! Come see!

Hallie :-)

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing post, ness. you are such a kind, good hearted woman. and you write with such sincerity. excellent post!