08 January 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

The Family jokingly(I think) calls this Mom's Shrine to Michael. Well, it's not ALL about Michael...on the far left you will see a wooden candleholder with a stained glass Cardinal window(did I tell you I am a candle freak, too?). I burn my Yankee Candle votives in there nearly every night.

Next to that is Michael Army Bear. I found this in a store and it plays God Bless the USA. Notice around the neck of MAB(Michael Army Bear) those are honest-to-God REAL dogtags of Michael's(he had an extra set and I claimed them for MAB.)

Next to MAB is a floral arrangement I designed. The flags on the cones are miniature candle flags and inside the basket is a ton of red, blue and clear flat glass pebbles to hold the iron heart in place.

In front of the basket is a stuffed Cardinal that chirps when activated(don't for a moment think I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan or anything... :-)and the cardinal is sitting on-sniff-a piece of last year's Christmas tree stump that Michael sawed down for us at the tree farm-sniff. (I am also a sentimental slob)

Next to the basket is a Ty Beanie Baby Bear dressed in the new Army ACUs(versus their old BDUs). Has the little American flag embroidered on his little chest.

And next to the BBB is a black and tan dachshund in an Army uniform. Michael's dog Macon is a black and tan dachsie so when I saw it in a store, I had to have it. Michael asked me to keep it here for him until he has his own place.

And last but not least is a lamp that my BFF had made for me. I turn it on at night so I can enjoy the Cardinal sitting in it.

And if you're not bored stiff by this time, I'll share one more thing for today.

This is a picture of my dream home. I want a cabin on the lake with mountains behind it surrounded by beautiful trees that will turn into Autumn wonderland colors every fall. When I found this picture on the Internet, I had to have it. It is the place I go to in my mind, my "safe place" when the panic attack and depression monsters try to get me. Roger paints in words the life we would have there and it means the world to me. It is in my living room hanging above one of Roger's favorite things, which will have to wait until tomorrow.

Seek and you will find a moment of peace today that is intended JUST for you! Savor it.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I want a TY bear like that - where did you find it???

You're MICHAEL TABLE is very sweet. You're a good mommy!


Ness said...

Found it at a craft store in their military section. I'm betting you could score one on Google. Because I need to pay it forward today and have a moment or two before I return to work and then hoof to Wal Mart for a new wireless keyboard, I will run around on Google and let you know what I find. Now, dontcha feel spe-shul? lol

Anonymous said...

My mom loves cardinals!! Thanks for showing us the pic...I loved seeing it.

kimmy said...

What a nice tribute to your son. You must be so proud of him!