07 January 2008

Hey There-Hi There-Ho There!

You're as welcomed as can be!

M-o-n d-a-y

What happened to Saturday and Sunday?

This weekend just sprouted wings and jetted on by.

Why DO weekends go faster than M-F?

Anyway, here we are, Bloggers, at a new week.

Some of us are having to get up and go to work, some of us are getting kids to school, some of us are sending spouses out the door and some of us are getting to sit around having tea and crumpets...

Today I'd like to be one of the tea and crumpets crowd!

Wanna join me?

First of all, it's cloudy and WARM in Belleville, Illinois(whoever took my winter BRING IT BACK NOW!)

There's no one here but the 2 dachsies who have taken up residence in my bedroom office while I'm waiting for those doctors to crank out/dictate more medical transcription for me to type.

Are you a planner? I'm a card-carrying member of Overplanners Anonymous. It's a huge drag at times. I can already tell you what we're having for supper for the next 5 days, what projects/housework I will be attacking, what I will be doing in the evenings--my agenda runneth over.

I'd like to be spontaneous--but I would have to plan a time to be spontaneous. Sigh.

In other news, any American Idol fans amongst us? In a couple of weeks, a new season starts. I can't remember how many years ago I got hooked into it, but it wasn't from the beginning, I know. I watch it for the entertainment portion, the singing. Last year I pulled for Jordan and she won. My stepdaughter and her sons are into Idol and it was fun last year to tease the boys that their favorites were going to lose and mine was going to win(who KNEW Nessa would be right?!?)

Any Food TV fans amongst us? I like Paula and Barefoot Contessa. Rachel Ray makes me neurotic. If I never hear the term EVOO it will be too soon.

Outside of the above and CNN/MSNBC I'm not much of a TV fan. But I do enjoy reruns of Murphy Brown, Reba and Cosby. I'd rather read. Or be on the Internet. Or work on one of the 3 current WIP(Work In Progress) I have Quotes scrapbook for me, an Army scrapbook for Michael(Hallie, CJ needs one of these. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. Yours would be blue leather padded on the front with Air Force in gold with the Air Force seal and a place for his picture and lots of pages inside to put his awards and graduation announcements and pics and different things he does during his Air Force career.) and of course, the blessed quilt.

I don't think the Tea and Crumpets crowd has this much busyness in their lives so guess I'd better not think about joining their tribe...yet.

Have a marvelous Monday and pay it forward.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love your ODE TO DISNEY!!

I am one of the get myself off to work and get a kid off to school section of the blogging world. Not loving it but it's a fact of life.

I'll take your warm weather and send the cold and snow. DEAL?

I LIKE to have things planned but I don't think I am as anal about it as you seem to be! I like to know what's coming next but can roll with the punches if need be. And I almost NEVER know what's for dinner. I keep hoping that someone will GIFT me with a chef who will be waiting for me when I get home!

We have an AI contest going at work each season. We are all ADDICTED TO IT!!

I adore Murphy Brown and love when I stumble on a rerun. Reba will do if NOTHING else is on which usually isnt the case since we have over 500 channels!

I think the scrapbook idea sounds great but I think I am allergic to the idea of scrapbooking. If I can buy it and just shove his stuff in it and call it good, then I'm all for it!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can you believe Mr. Hallisicle commented? I almost fell off my chair when I saw it!!

I don't LOVE Caddyshack either but John will be THRILLED to hear that you are going to give it another go. (don't expect too much) And yes, it's the one with the gopher.


kimmy said...

I had a "send my husband off to work and get my kids on the bus" kind of morning. I FINALLY have the computer to myselft and my Dunkin Donuts coffee is making me all the merrier!

I am definitely a planner and a list-maker, but I can be spontaneous. Usually though, I am the "family coordinator"!

I can't wait for American Idol. I finally got Mr. BK to watch it with me last season and he is now addicted to the show! YEAH!!! I am a huge 24 and Lost fan too. I can't wait for those shows to start up again!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Mr. Hallisicle wants to know if you HAVE a willie to get wonka'd! He's a little concerned....


Ness said...

Only my hairdresser knows for sure Mr. Hallisicle! lol

And I need to clarify that the Willie Wonka comment was TOTALLY off the top of my head and NOT PLANNED! Wow, I can be spontaneous! :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the new season of Idol! one of my faves as well. and i do love Barefoot Contessa! She's my favorite on the food network. i love watching her on the weekends!

Kellan said...

You are so funny! EVOO - I know, I know!!!!! I like the other two also, but not Rachael so much either. I also love American Idol and can not wait!!! And ... I am a planner - full-fledged! Have a good day tomorrow - see ya. Kellan