06 January 2008

Sunday Sluggin'/Weekend Wrap

I'm being such a slug today, but a laughing one after reading the daily feed at WWOW--words fail me!

I've read the papers including the words or phrases that should be banned for 2008 or that were OK for 2007(Google it already---if I provided all the answers, how would you meet your digital dexterity quota for the day? :-) ) and how Dr. Phil is helping Britney. 'nough said on that. I need to sever the ties from this recliner, cart the laptop into the spare bedroom(spare since the kids left yesterday)and become one with the medical transcription world. And after that, de-Christmas-tize the apartment since it is Epiphany today(that should take all of 15 minutes tops). What to do-what to do. And I do believe I will have to call for a spoon audit as I was only issued 1 spoon today and that got used taking the dachsies down 3 flights of steps to decorate the soil and fix their breakfast. Got spoons? I may need to take up a collection. Sigh. Fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome bite. So does not having access to military sons, auto-immune disorders, cancer and 30 year old daughters who need to be recycled into humans and quit giving their sibs grief...

Back to weekend wrap...after the kids left, we respectively chilled in the chairs reading(I'm working on some Patricia Cornwell books with a Jodi Picoult in the wings and DH is reading the latest Patricia Cornwell book and he better start speed reading as it's due back at the library in a week and I wanna read it first) and fielded phone calls from the 2 departing offspring on how impossible their eldest sister was being(note to self: read the Sprint manual and find out how to screen non-emergency calls from offspring). Neither one of us had much of an appetite, so I broke out the S'mores supplies and Sterno and we had S'mores while watching a Law and Order SVU marathon. The dachsies demanded their share, so they only got graham cracker crumbs and I caught Shania calling the SPCA demanding equal S'mores for all(Note to Shania: Marshmallows and chocolate are a no-no for dachsies who would like to see their next birthday!)

As you can see, we know how to par-tay down!

And that brings us to today which is sponsored by the letters G and D as in GET OFF HERE AND GET TO WORK and DONT WANNA DO IT!

Have a super Sunday and take at least 5 minutes to do something you want to do for YOU cause I'm telling ya, you are so worth it and it took me 38 years to figure that out for myself.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


To remove, end usage, or take something out or away. Despite ALL other posts suggestion the origion of this phrase there is only one true answer:

Chumley's, a famous and OLD New York speakeasy, is located at 86 Bedford St. During Prohibition, an entrance through an interior adjoing courtyard was used, as it provided privacy and discretion for customers.

As was (and is) a New York tradition, the cops were on the payroll of the bar and would give a ring to the bar that they were coming for a raid. The bartender would then give the command "86 everybody!", which meant that everyone should hightail it out the 86 Bedford entrance because the cops were coming in through the courtyard door.

"86 that light"

"Everyone in Sales got 86'd.
to leave or get rid of something.

"Dude man, 86 your girlfriend, she is so lame."


meaning to be kicked out or banned.
"I got 86ed from the Orleans Casino after stealing a shit load of stuff"

To get rid of. To eradicate.

"I want a BLT but could you 86 the bacon?"

Does this help? DOes 86 the cheese make sense now? Glad to know I don't have to try to explain 69! :-)


kimmy said...

OMG - my BFF Hallie is a walking dictionary! I am going to call her "Webster's" from now on! Glad she can make you chuckle...sometimes we laugh so hard my stomach hurts!


Sandy said...

Thanks for the email, Ness. We are the same age and evidently have some of the same issues and/or problems, too!

I will be back and thanks for a smile or two...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How can I answer if I wasn't home? I was out delivering food to my sicko neighbor...

Call me if you can - I'll answer!


Kellan said...

Well .... now I feel like I need to get up off this bed and move my laptop to the kitchen, find some crackers, chocolate and marshmellows and make me some smores!!

Hope you are having a good afternoon - see you soon. Kellan