03 March 2008

I'm a Survivor!

Wow...seems like YEARS since I've been on here and I've missed all y'all a whole bunch!

Now I feel better!

I took the girls shopping Saturday to one of our favorite stores known for great prices and fantastic selection:

Kelli needed work clothes and Kiereney just needed. lol We then went to check out the new Target and all in all, we had fun. Except I need to practice parking the honkin' Big Red Truck(now referred to as BRT)cause I couldn't park to meet my standards. It has a snub nose that is deceiving...

We ate supper at this Irish pub and Kiereney scored a tshirt with the pub logo on it.

I need to work on resizing pics!

And if my doctor does not call this refill in for me today we're all gonna be in a world of hurt!

It's a controlled substance so Walgreens couldn't give me a weekend supply even though I've been on this stuff since God was a child! Walgreens suggested taking Benadryl and it would make me sleep. Ha! My body -laughed- and the snatches of sleep I did snare was full of the WIERDEST dreams ever. I never dream on Ambien CR. I just go to sleep and wake up refreshed!

We had 70 degree weather yesterday(and I hated-hated-HATED it--my body doesn't handle warm weather well) and today we're 38 and under a winter storm warning with sleet this afternoon and 6-10 inches of snow tomorrow! Anyone who wants the warm, sunny weather in Illinois, bring your cold, rainy, cloudy weather to the table and we'll swap even-steven.

The Youngest has discovered her mom blogs about her. Oh the innuendoes she ladled out this weekend! She googled her name(I will admit that Kiereney is not on the top 10 name list and is rather uncommon if not unique to her cause I made it up) and found out her mom has a life and blogs. I told her she had MySpace and I had Blog and I was keepin' it real and I would apologize to no one for having a blog. It's not like I said she was an ax-murderer...yet...laugh, Kiereney if you're reading this via Google...I did like you enough to pay off all your tickets and not charge interest although you WILL pay me back, child. Know that and know that deep!

Off to tickle the keyboard in transcription world.

Have a phenomenal day!

My mom would have been 86 today. She died from a stroke when she was 46. You're never far from my thoughts, Mom, and as long as my youngest is alive, you will never be gone as she is just like you! Happy Birthday Mom!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sound like you had a great weekend!

Shmoops has ALWAYS known I have this blog since MOST of it's about him!! And he loves it!!

That kid of mine likes any attention sent his way! :)


Alice said...

Glad you had a great weekend, and I am SO HAPPY to see things are working out with Kathy and the kids. I know that's a tough situation and I know that you are being such a strong support for her.

I LOVE Target. You better be glad I wasn't with you. :) I would have done some damage in that store!

Angel... said...

I am glad you had a very good weekend. How are you feeling now..hwoz your family.

I hope all are well.


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I would love a weekend of shopping. In fact, I need a weekend of shopping. Maybe I will go to Target today, and while I am there, I will think of you.

Debra w said...

Hi Ness,

That must have been a bit of a surprise for your daughter to Google her name and find your blog.(Tee-hee) My girls know about my blog, and they read it sometimes. My oldest sometimes leaves me comments, which I love. We mothers need our outlets, too!

I can't believe the pharmacy wouldn't give you a couple of Ambien CRs to hold you over! Ridiculous. What, were they worried that you might sleep too much?

I hope that you are having a "spoon-filled" day!


Steph said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your girls.


Pioneering in PA said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have done very weird things on Ambien, girl!! I had insomnia real bad after my son was born and they put me on it and i would do things and have no recollection of it the next one time i went to the kitchen made a whole meal and then ate a whole bag of doughnuts! the next day i was all, who ate all the doughnuts!! my hubby was all, YOU did!! n more ambien for you!! haha

anyways, hope you have a great week, Ness. Happy Birthday to your mom. :)