31 March 2008


My beloved St. Louis Cardinals open at 3:15 TODAY against Colorado!


I WOULD be there, but there's this ~leetle~ thing about me going to Opening Day last year and not ONLY did they lose(and ended up with a bad season) but Chris Carpenter, the opening day pitcher was injured and out for the rest of the season and still on the DL(Disabled List) this season.

So in good consciousness and a true-red Cardinal fan, I decided to forego Opening Day this year although it's killin' me---killin' me, I tell ya. I also have to be here because Roger's computer is being delivered today and I have to sign for it.

So, gonna share some Cardinals pics with you. I know, you are blessed...

These are the famous Anheiser-Busch Clydesdales. They come to the stadium on Opening Day and prance around the stadium. Makes me wanna *cry* just thinkin' about missing my favorite moment of Opening Day. I'm trying to console myself with the fact that it's supposed to rain and storm like MAD today. Still, I'd get soaked for the Cardinals...

Here you have our beloved Cardinal mascot, FredBird. He is a trip! One day I'm gonna meet FredBird upcloseandpersonal and dance with him. Roger met him before so now it's my turn!

And this is the new Busch Stadium just opened last year or maybe the year before(I've slept since then...). Notice the Arch in the background. I confess I like the old stadium better! It was part of my childhood. I would get 3 free Cardinal game tickets each year in junior high for making straight As and going with my dad to the ballgame was awesome!

WAIT---there's breaking news!

My dearly beloved husband is 72 today! If you're of a mind to, send him a birthday wish at He just called and they've decorated his office birthday-style complete with a St. Louis Cardinal balloon(this is so MY balloon!) He knows you from reading my blog and replies. Happy Birthday Roger!!!


Fed Ex Home does not deliver on Mondays!

I don't have tickets for the game(and obviously wouldn't go because of last year) but there's a pep rally around noon 2 blocks from the Stadium and I think I need to be there, don't you?

OK...let's check

Metro ticket to ride bus to the Metro-check
Metro ticket to ride the Metro to St. Louis-check
Cardinal shirt to wear-NO!!!!! They traded Rolen so my shirt is out of date. In fact, all of our shirts, including the kids, are no good this year cause the player on the shirt has been traded! I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TO A CARDINAL RALLY!!!

If you're lookin' for me, I'll be the one in the corner pouting...SO close and yet SO far away from Cardinal Nation today...

Go Cards!!!!!


Alice said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROGER!!! I hope you have a great day. Ness, I feel you on the baseball. Braves are playing their first home game today (I think.) I was a fan when they weren't good. Then they were. Then they were bad again. But no matter how they play - there is something about being at the stadium and being a part of it.

I hope you guys have a good day today!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Mr. Ness has a sense of humor, right?

Sure hope so cuz I already sent him a greeting!!

(hee hee)

Hallie :)

Who the hell are the Cardinals? The only team worth routing for is the Red Sox!!

Steph said...

Down in this area we are Braves fans, but I'm not much of a fan of baseball. I like footbal and love college footbal. I like baseball live though.

I say heck with needing the right shirt. Go find a red T-shirt and go, you only live once girl!!!


kimmy said...

I am waiting for the Red Sox to open their season in San Diego tomorrow! They will back in Boston on April 8th for their first home game! Ryan got us all tickets to about 8 home games this year! The kids and I are so excited!

Have a good one!


Mama Bear said...

I live in Red's country and I am a fan but deep in my heart the Brave's will always be my favorite. I hope that Roger had a happy birthday. Today was MRI day for my hubby on his shoulder. The doc thinks he tore his rotator cuff when he fell, so we spent the afternoon in the MRI place. My new dog has roundworm, she passed a big one today, so had to go get some wormer for the dogs. What a day!! I feel really sorry for this new doxie. She must have lived in horrible conditions.
Hope your day was fun and happy!!!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Ness, I just love ya! I've got to admit, I don't even know what ended up happening at the game, but I know it really did storm like mad here. But that sunset made it all worth it.

Happy birthday to Roger!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

okie ness now that i have fixed the grevious error... i am finally caught back up! sheesh! I sent Roger a message and as I was typing it I realized he an my dad are a couple days apart in age (they look alot alike too) so I hope that things work for dad to come too! I am starting to get excited ... your number is locked into my phone and who knows timing might work out to meet in Ky on saturday and follow each other back... LOL the pile of things i am carrying up keeps growing! I have a braves shirt I have tried for years to talk dad into wearing but alas he is a cardinal fanatic :-) I have some of the coolest pics of the OLD stadium that my mom took eons ago and a coule great ones I got from the plane on one of my many trips up!
anyway hope you have a great night ! errr day as its 132 am here !

Ohhh did I mention I am EXCITED??? HUH HUH HUH???