30 March 2008

Bring It!

Yeah, I'm up and fed and getting ready to start working and I'm ready to kick butt...

As long as it's the butt of one of these

This is Roger's new-to-him desk except he doesn't have the left side of drawers:

This is mine that I brought from Richmond:

We haven't had a printer since we left Richmond so I told Roger to use the gift card he got from his coworkers and we ordered this while ago:

Until now, I've sent him stuff by email to his office with a note "Please print and bring home" but retirement is ending that party so we decided to get one. Man, it prints pics, lets me make my own greeting cards, scans, copies and prints.

The desks are arranged now in an upside down L shape with me being the short leg of the L and his desk being the long leg of the L. It's perfect...if he gets smart with me, my right arm is within "poppin' him one" distance, and hey, what an awesome way to do physical therapy for my right arm!

Did I mention that my PT ran out(insurance paid all they're going to for now) and they're not convinced I don't have a tear in my rotator cuff so they're mentioning the MRI term and possible surgery? Well, it just can't happen--my agenda is too full. Michael is graduating in May, we're hoping to hit Blogapalooza in the East in the Fall and wherever Michael is for his training, we will be driving there for Thanksgiving(I've already checked it out and in both Ft. Benning, GA and Ft. Sill, OK there is a Motel 6 that takes the dachsies for Macon will HAVE to visit her dad and there is a mall so I can do my Black Friday looking. This will be the first holiday I have not had in a home setting but anywhere my son is IS home. So, naw, don't have time to play the surgery card.

Did I also mention my husband made me peach crepes for breakfast?

Well, work is calling my name so have a super Sunday!


Pioneering in PA said...

I think I've only had crepes twice, and they weren't peach. Look good!

T-Bone and I actually share one computer desk, with 2 computers on it. Quite a big desk, he is far enough away that I have to swivel my chair to get a good kick in.


Steph said...


I'm glad that you got the desk all set up. I HATE insurance, for me is just a necessary evil that we have to live with.

Well if you end up coming to GA, you will have to let me know. From looking at the map you will pass though my area and I would love to meet you.