22 May 2008

I'm Thinking Of Writing a Soap Opera


called As The Clock Ticks. It's my birthright as my mother named me after Vanessa Sterling on a soap in the 50's called Love of Life.

Every new tick of the clock has brought a new adventure in the last 24 hours.

I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps subtitles are needed:

Kelli: I know this doesn't bear repeating but ONCE AGAIN it looks like they have hired a permanent person for her temp position so this Friday may be her last day. When she went back to work after being off for the NY trip from hell all the coworkers greeted her and said how glad they were she was back, they missed her, noone can do their reports as fast as Kelli can, etc. You'd think the lightbulb would go on in the manager's mind that, Hey, we have a girl who has been here for a few months, has a pleasant telephone voice, her turn around on getting reports done for us is phenomenal and she is a sweet girl so why don't we hire her permanently? Oh yeah, she worked for some temp agencies and moved back home when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and golly gee, our company doesn't hire people who have switched jobs a few times no matter what the what if she got sick in California and had to move back. So what if her mother was diagnosed with cancer and she wanted to spend time with her and help out? So what if her mother moved to get her treatments in St. Louis and she moved from Virginia to Illinois so she could be closer and enjoy her elderly grandparents and see her brother? I just don't get people at times...

Kiereney: I haven't heard from her so guess she is managing fine. The increased meds make her sleep a lot and apparently the headaches are becoming manageable.

Michael: The Lieutenant was totally blown away when he arrived at Camp Lincoln and he was housed in the officers quarters or should I say suite? He was so cute...he called and said, "Mom, I have a suite to myself with a microwave, fridge, and cable! The cadet that came with me is in the barracks with other guys. Wow, I had no idea I wasn't staying in the barracks!" My humble son---gotta love him!

Roger: I love that man to death! We have a running joke that now he is retired we have to watch the pennies and when he goes to the store(which he dearly loves doing so go for it, babe) he has to stick to what is on the grocery list. When he comes home, he always has that little boy face on and I know he has bought things not on the list. Well, I guess he decided today was the day to alleviate carrying groceries up 3 flights of steps and he wheeled in with a stupendous grocery cart that all the purchases fit in and it practically wheeled itself up the steps. This is going to save us so much on taking things up and down the steps.

Shania and Macon: We were losing the war on fleas so Roger got some super-dee-duper flea shampoo and some other stuff and I just wrangled both of them(separately) into a bath. They had a problem with the concept of letting the suds sit for 5 minutes and they totally balked at the lather, rinse and repeat portion of the bath. Neither are speaking to me at the moment...

Kathy: Oh dear God...I don't know how that girl does it! She is on vacation this week and it's a good thing because Abbey is beyond control. She called her friend, the judge, yesterday and he said, "Say the word and I will swear out a warrant for her arrest!" She definitely is not interested in getting her act together. She supposedly is making arrangements for inpatient treatment at the joke of a facility she is currently receiving outpatient treatment at. Stay tuned. Cade is getting over his strep throat.

DWTS: I knew Kristy deserved it but MAN, I was pulling for Jason. He had so much HEART into it. He at least got 2nd place.

AI: Not sure about this, not sure about this at all! Simon basically called it for David Archuletta last night. Yeah, that guy has a powerful voice and definitely had the better songs to sing to prove it last night.

Me: We decided that since I lived through the 7 day trial of Lyrica that we would go ahead and get the script filled since I ran out for tonight's dose. I am sleeping like a log. The pain seems to be down to the point that I'm not reaching for anything stronger than Aleve. If this is a dream, I don't wanna wake up.

SO, who all is going to meet up in Boston in the Fall at the Bloggerpalooza? We are *thinking* about going to Colorado in the fall and staying in a cabin which has been my fondest wish forever. If I could, I'd live in Colorado in a cabin and when*truth time here* I feel stressed and Life is plowing down the center of me, I "go" to that cabin in my mind. It's beautiful(in your mind it can afford to be!) and sometimes Roger will talk me to sleep telling me about the cabin and how our life would be there. So if you're going to Boston or at least strongly thinking about it, sing it out now so I can see if I can budget both Boston and Colorado.

That's a wrap for today, folks! Get out and live!


Debra W said...

Wow, Nessie, you sure do have a lot going on, girlfriend! So glad that the Lyrica is helping! Just to forewarn you though, I did have to increase my dose after about a year, but it is still a good med. It really helps with my Restless Leg Syndrome, too. I don't know if you have that, but it is the worst feeling. Mark says I have it at times when I don't even realize it. No wonder I am so tired all of the time! I am running marathons in my sleep!

I love the new pictures of your family! Michael looks very handsome in his uniform! Yay for him for getting a suite! He deserves it.


Alice said...

I'm glad things are going well for you in the pain management area. And that Roger - what a gem! I love that he talks you to sleep about "your" cabin in Colorado. How sweet is that?!?!?

I REALLY REALLY want to come to Boston to meet all of you - but I don't know if I will be financially able to this year - plus I will eat up most of my vacation time with the wedding. So I am hoping that this becomse an annual event so everyone can eventually go and get to meet each other. However, I never say never....and closer to time - you never know - things may fall into place. But realistically, I probably can't swing it this year.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You left such a nice message for CJ today...thank you.

Hallie :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

can't swing it this year but like alice I hope it become annual.
hugs and the cabin sounds glorious!

katie said...

Lenny and I love our Ness! we gave you a shout out on my post today! :)

kim-d said...

ME, ME!!! **waves hands wildly in the air** I'm planning on Boston and even if no one else goes, I'm goin'!

As for you, Nessa, I'm glad for Lyrica and Roger, for you. I think that there must be something even BETTER waiting just around the corner for Kelli; if the place she's at is THAT regimented and they can't see the forrest for the trees already, then that would probably get even worse in the future. And I'm just hoping that no news is good news with Kiereney--sleep is good! And your Michael sounds like an absolute sweetie...

Oh, those good places we go to in our mind...Hugs!!!

kim-d said...

Nessa, forgot to tell you really got me to thinking about something. Medical transcriptionist, huh? I think that is totally something I could do! I really want to get into the medical field, and it seems like it could be a realistic goal...I'm also thinking coding, after transcriptionist. I just thought I'd tell you that, because you mentioned it, I am seriously looking into it. Anything you wanna tell me about it would be appreciated :).