23 June 2008

Total Randomness(UPDATED 9:23 pm)

In case anyone read Hallie's comment about my broken husband or words to that effect, Roger had a routine Dr. visit today. On Saturday his gout was acting up and his left foot looked like a basketball. When he went to the Dr. today, the Dr. said that where Roger's pain is on the foot(top of foot and under 4 toes) is not gout pain and thinks he has a stress fracture and sent him to the hospital for x-rays. We're still waiting on results(and you can better bet we won't get them tonight )but Mr. Campbell will be on the phone tomorrow morning finding out what's what. I'm not sure what the protocol for stress fracture of the foot is...splinting, casting, funny looking shoe or whatever. He is using crutches he had from his hip replacement surgery so I know it must really hurt. I wanted to drive him to the Dr. but he said it was just a routine visit. He called me on the way to the hospital to let me know he was going for x-rays. When I suggested he pick me up on the way so I could drive/transport him to Radiology in a wheel chair cause it's a long walk, he said he was fine. Dear Kiereney enlightened/reminded me when she called that Roger drives with two feet--left on the brake and right on the gas so I was ready to skin him when he got home from the hospital. He assured me that he only drove with his right WHY don't I believe that? I've teased him that I will have to drive our tricked-out red truck to Buffalo cause he won't be able to and he's assured me that he can drive fine unless I think he's a risk to drive(guess it depends on what kind of contraption they put his foot in if it's a stress fracture...) I will be content to just sit in the passenger seat listening to music and working on embroidering quilt squares for 12 hours. I will update on Tuesday when I know something. Thanks for your concern, Hallie. You're a sweetheart!

Some days just roll like that.

George Carlin died yesterday. Roger introduced me to the world of Carlin and me, being me, found some of the words really hard to digest(oh, my virgin eyes and ears! lol) but his delivery and what else he had to say in his routines always made me laugh. Every time a new Carlin book came out I always reserved it at the library and brought it home to Roger. Nothing makes Roger laugh like a good Carlin story and I enjoy little more than watching Roger laugh EXCEPT when he passes out, but that's another story for another day. He will be missed. I watched some of his routines on YouTube this morning and finally the only person in America, or the world who hasn't seen the famour Carlin routine The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television finally watched it this morning(that would be yours truly). Once I got past shrinking in my chair from the variations on the F word, I laughed. George just has a good delivery. I also enjoyed Cats and Dogs---a must for any who are owned by either cats or dogs, and all are on YouTube. George, thanks for the laughs. You always left them laughing.

Tom Brokaw will be taking over the duties of Tim Russert on Meet the Press through this election year and he will do a phenomenal job. He was one of Tim's best friends and understood the Russert Way. I'm sure Tim nodded in agreement with the decision and yelled out, "Go get 'em, Brokaw!" much to the dismay of the Angel Choir who was practicing for Mass. At least I guess they have Mass in Heaven...

Any Food TV addicts out there? I get the biggest charge out of two shows in particular: Iron Chefs on Sunday nights and Paula's Party on Friday nights. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am not a foo-foo person when it comes to food. The plainer, the better. I sit there in AMAZEMENT watching the Iron Chef and what they do to food. There is always a SECRET INGREDIENT that they reval before the contest begins(last night was parmigana(sp) cheese and I mean they had WHEELS of this stuff. One of the competiters took a whole wheel of cheese, scooped it out like a bowl and served one of his dishes in it! ) They have all the latest and greatest kitchen equipment to work with. And the 3 judges who determine the winner of the competition---well, I swear they have a dictionary next to their chairs to look up adjectives and adverbs to describe the 5 dishes each of the 2 contestants must prepare incorporating the secret ingredient and they use these words as if they're accustomed to using them in every day conversation. To me, they're all pompous!

But Paula Deen...I've loved her since she hit Food TV in her first show. Now she's up to 3 different shows and a successful Georgian restaurant to boot. She makes me laugh. She's also the only person I've ever seen take a square of homemade mac and cheese, wrap the edges with bacon, bread it and deep fry it! She also has a killer gooey butter cake recipe that she varies with different flavors and fruits.

And let's talk about stepmothers. There are 2 types...the good ones and the bad ones. I happen to belong to the first category...just ask my 3 stepchildren and 11 stepgrandchildren. I've met a lot of good stepmothers over the years(except my own but we won't go there now).

My kids seemed to have drawn the worst stepmother on this planet! She has many, many, MANY qualities that keep her in the top 10 of wicked stepmothers but she outdid herself this weekend and I'm ready to clean her clock!

Less than 24 hours after Kiereney returned home, this-this-this AMOEBA had Kiereney in tears. Know it and know it deep that no matter WHAT illness/syndrome anyone has ever had in the world, Stepmom knows someone who not only has HAD that problem, but had the WORST CASE EVER!!! Kiereney mentioned to her dad that the new neurologist thinks she could have elevated cerebrospinal fluid pressure and Stepmom went into a diatribe on "how she knew this person who had that, who had to go to the hospital every 2 weeks to have her spinal fluid drained and spent 2 days in the hospital every time, whose headache NEVER got better and who was overweight like Kiereney and weighed 350 pounds(Kiereney is under 200 thank you very much) and had to have that "surgery where they cut your stomach in half"(I believe she is referring to gastric bypass but she has the total concept wrong) and she got infection and died and see, if Kiereney had lost 30 pounds she wouldn't have this problem and getting ready to die!"

Kiereney called me in hysterics. I had her put Kelli on the phone and as calmly and quietly as I could I told Kelli to either tell her father to call his pitbull off or I would. My ex has such a backbone of steel(NOT!) that I'm sure he'll get it taken care of...not! But you can better believe that Big Brother Michael will in the next 24 hours.

I'm off to work and then to watch House episodes and Reba episodes to catch up. Have a phenomenal Monday and smile at everybody you will either make their day or make them wonder what you are up to!


Alice said...

I'm so sorry about the wicked stepmother. I just became one myself (A stepom, but hopefully not wicked!!)...and when I read this I vowed that I would never do that to Erin.

I hope you guys are recharging today!!

dlyn said...

Wicked step mothers just stink - hope you get things straightened out with this one. I had not heard about George Carlin - I always thought he was a hoot. And you will be "sort-of" in my neck of the woods later this weel - Buffalo is 3 hours away - go see Niagara Falls while you are there!

jojo said...

Poor Kiereney! That sounds like the last thing she needed to hear. geez...stepmom, I hope you get a clue someday.

I love Paula Deen too! My daughter recently traveled to Savannah for a conference and had the pleasure of eating at Paula's resturant. She went on about it for days on end. She also brought home some goodie for us. We've decided to go there for our last meal when the time comes!!!

Have a good day Ness. Trying to send you spoons but i'm getting a little low myelf ;)


Mama Bear said...

Oh, I had one of those wicked step mother's. She was MEAN! She counted the saltine crackers before she left the house and if any were missing, we all got whipped. I hated her. I am sorry that Kiereney is dealing with one.

Paula Deen is my favorite too, but then again, I am from her neck of the woods, Charleston, SC. I didn't move to Ohio until I was 42, and yes I say Ya'll a lot!!!LOL..

God Bless~

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i have had a selection of stepmothers LOL... I feel for her (keireney) and hope that michael takes her and reigns her behind in... there is no sense in doing all that crud.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

How's Mr. Broken Man?

I'm worried!!


Alice said...

Oh no! My best to Roger for a speedy recovery! Keep us posted.