18 March 2009

Over the Rainbow

Roger is home from the hospital and I have definitely found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He is still in atrial flutter but they're hoping the Betapace will help him to convert to normal sinus rhythm. If not, when he has had a therapeutic Coumadin level for a month they can try and cardiovert him with the paddles. He feels so much better with 12 pounds of fluid gone from his body and his vital signs are normal. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers. I feel complete now with my best friend back home with me.
I took Kiereney today for her pre op testing for her surgery next Wednesday and she is running a 99.6 temp and her chest x-ray had some scatterings in the bronchial tubes so she has to go to the Dr. where she lives and get a medical clearance for the surgery. I'm hoping they put her on a prophylactic antibiotic and be done with it. Her EKG looked great. I have to call Monday and get an op time. Right now it is at 2 p.m. but I was told they're rearranging the schedule so it may be earlier and she'll be in the hospital for several days.
Katie is doing well with Kiereney and she will come back to Grandma on Tuesday when Kiereney comes for her surgery. I have missed that little doll! It's been recommended to put her on melatonin and it should help her sleep at night. I'm not an herbal person so if anyone who reads here is and knows of an herb that is better for sleeping than melatonin please let me know.
I am off to become one with my recliner, cuddle with dachsies and watch Idol tonight.
Thanks again for your good thoughts and prayers...they mean so much to us.


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I've heard very good things about melatonin.
Good luck with everything, I'm so glad you are seeing a bright side finally!

Michelle said...

Meletonin is created by your body naturally. As we age, our bodies don't produce as much. I buy meletonin at Costco and take 3 about an hour before bed. This is for a dog, right? I am not sure that meletonin would work or is appropriate for animals. I can check around. How much does she weigh? You can try giving her one benedryl 30 minutes before bed. I do that when we are on long car drives or during 4th of July when I need the dogs to be more relaxed. 1 capsule for 25 pounds and under.

Michelle said...

Oh, I forgot. Glad Roger is home and I hope K gets the antibiotics. I finally got some after being with this cold for two weeks nd feel so much better.

Alice said...

Thinking of all of you. So happy Roger's home and feeling better. Many prayers for KJ over the next week.


Tonjia said...

YAY for Roger! I hope things are starting to settle down for you guys.

I hear others have good luck with melatonin, another option is benadryl.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yes indeed the new nameless ride will be coming to missouri paper tag and all... that will be the final test and if I like or love this car... I really really like it right now but after being in close contact across country that will make or break us.
must call insurance co and get er added today...
after my coffee :)
Hope you are having a great day...
love you