15 August 2009

Do I even try to catch up or wipe the slate clean?

Decisions, decisions!

OK, Buffalo was wonderful. Great to see the kids/grandkids. Better if Kiereney hadn't decided to have a stroke 3 days after we left so we lopped off our visit to Hallie and Kimmie and headed back to Illinois. Kiereney is out of the hospital, using a walker, getting stronger every day and I look for her to make a full recovery from the stroke. At the moment, the 2nd shunt is working so the brain surgery is off the table for now and as far as I am concerned, it can stay that way.

Illinois finally got their act together and paid Michael his Sessions Bonus and he is leaving today to head to Virginia and start beating the streets for a job. The plan is he'll be gone 10-14 days, come back to Illinois to get his stuff after he lands a job and an apartment and then he and Jake will be headed home to Virginia to start their life. Michael took me out on Friday and honored me by allowing me to witness the purchase of the "interview suit" and he went to Sears and had his picture made in his new dress uniform. I still swoon looking at it on the wall.

Except mine has a white background with a flag border in an oval around it.

Kelli returns to school on Thursday to pick up a couple of Gen Ed classes and then she will be entering a 1 year program Fall 2010 to get her RN. I'm so happy for her.

Roger made it from May until August with his congestive heart failure behaving(I was so afraid he would have to be hospitalized in Buffalo)) but it has reared its ugly head again and one chest x-ray and doubling the Lasix later, we're waiting to see if that is going to be the fix.

I had the sleep apnea test done and woke up to no mask so thought life was good UNTIL they called a week later and said although I had had no apneas that there were "other concerning matters" that the pulmonologist would talk to me about on the 17th. I hate having stuff like this hanging over my head!

The kids are leaving at noon and it will be Roger, me , Shania and Colin which it hasn't been in a while. I'm going to miss my grandcat, Jake, but he will be visiting with Kathy, his other grandma while Michael is in Richmond job/apartment hunting. She got Jake for him so it's only fair she should get to visit with him as well.

I have one dress done, one dress almost finished and one left to cut out and then I will be done with personal sewing until after Christmas. I have a few Christmas presents in mind that I want to start on and since Kiereney's quilt is done, I have nothing hanging over my head for the holidays. I'm so looking forward to Fall!

Have a wonderful weekend and live up each and every moment.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Keeping you and your in my thoughts and prayers! Have a restful Sunday!

Debra W said...


First off, Michael looks sooooo handsome in his new dress uniform!!! I know how incredibly proud you are of him, and you should be! He is doing such a great job and is becoming quite the young man!

So happy to hear that Kiereney is stable and getting stronger by the day. She is always in my thoughts and prayers. I just know that her mom will get her to where she should be so that she can move ahead with her life! Go, KJ, go!

Please let Roger know that I will be keeping him in my prayers in hopes that the Lasix resolves the fluid problem. I am also concerned about what is happening with you, Nessie. Please let us know what the doc says. I hope that whatever he tells you is something that is not serious. I will be sending you lots of positive energy.

Be well, dear one, and have a wonderful Sunday.

Hugs and love,

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love ya and hugssssssss

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My goodness, poor Kierney. I hope she continues to recover. Sorry you had to miss your visit with Hallie & Kimmy!

jojo said...

Nice to see you update! Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers..;p