21 August 2009

Goodbye Sweet, Sweet Katie

Michael sent flowers from Virginia in Katie and Kiereney's favorite colors.

Aunt Kelli who was a loving caretaker.

Grandma who promised Katie that when the sparkle left her eyes, she would take her to the Bridge.

Grandpa who came up with all kinds of tempting food combos to get Katie to eat .

Mommy Kiereney who Katie raised from middle school and who was Katie's best friend.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

She will be playing with many friends on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Our little friends lives shine so brightly because they live so quickly compared to us. I grieve with you for your loss.

Saffyres said...

I'm so sorry about the pupper. :(

Debra W said...

Oh Ness, another difficult loss in such a short time. I am so sorry about the loss of Katie. I know how much pleasure she brought to you and your family. It breaks my heart to know that she had to go.

My heart is with you. Losing a beloved fury family member is a very traumatic event. Give yourselves time to grieve and time to heal.

Love and healing hugs,