30 January 2010

Not Feelin' So Hot...

We had our neutering surgery on Thursday.
(Surprise, surprise, they had a cancellation.)

It seems like one of Colin's testicles was imbedded up by his kidney and never descended so he had to have 2 incisions and since he was so little, they had us bring him home that afternoon because he would be more comfortable at home.  I might add, they don't believe in pain meds for dogs---gives them a false hope of security that all is well and they can resume normal activity.  Did send him home on Amoxicillin since they were up messing by the kidney.

That baby suffered!

He would lay in my lap and cry.

We were up with him all night Thursday and Friday I did nothing but sit in the recliner and help him find comfortable positions to lay.

To add insult to injury, they sent home a plastic Elizabethan collar to prevent him from licking his incisions. 

I think it bottomed out his morale.

He ignored Jake totally, his best friend.

Today he is walking around some but is not a happy camper.

I called my good friend who is a vet and she was shocked they sent him home without pain meds given the extensive surgery he had.  She offered to bring him some but she's 300 miles away and I wouldn't let her.  Now, that's a good friend and a kind vet.

So my world has revolved around Colin, hence the absence from my blog.

Kathy and Bobby are coming up today and we're doing thrift store therapy and spending the day together.

Have a phenomenal weekend and keep believing.

And, if you would, I ask you to keep my son in your prayers.  On 6 Feb we find out where he is being deployed to.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

So sorry for your puppy. Hoping he is recovered today.

My dachshund Augie has never forgotten his "weenus surgery" even tho it was five years ago. If you even go near his weenus his eyes get BIG.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs prayers and i hope the vet who did that to colin has surgery and no pain meds.... asshat...
love ya hope you have an awesome weekend.

Debbie Jean said...

Poor baby. I hope he is better. I have got to get Bailey set up to get spayed before she has another heat. I sure hate doing that to them, but it's a necessary thing. Makes you sad to see them in pain. :(

Hope your weekend is fun and happy!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Melissa said...

I have dachshunds too! I feel so bad for Colin. I hope he feels better very soon. Did you have luck in your thrift store shopping? Find any good buys?