04 January 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

And we're off at 7 a.m.!

Today I had to go back to Siteman Cancer Center for more blood work.

We decided to mix business with pleasure and stop at the Quad while in St. Louis.

The definition of the Quad for future reference is 4 stores consisting of the Habitat for Humanity ReSell store where we get building supplies for next to nothing, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill. They're all on the same street within blocks of each other. So it's the Quad and then a few blocks down from there Siteman.

So OF COURSE we went to the Quad first!

Habitat for Humanity is closed on Mondays...bummer!

Goodwill found me finding small picture frames that DH is going to spray paint black and I am going to put my quotes in them and hang them in our bedroom. Also got a surprise and saw the volunteer that usually works on Saturdays when we go. She is a trip and a half...has the best personality. Is as crazy/joking as we are. What a day brightener!

At St. Vincent de Paul I found a chair without arms for $10 for my sewing machine so I don't have to keep rolling my office chair from my desk when I want to sew. Roger found a couple of kitchen items.

Across the street is Goodwill and I found more picture frames and Roger found the neatest heart shaped loaf pan from Pampered Chef for $1. It's like a heart shaped tube so can't wait to see what delights Roger bakes from this.

Then off to Siteman.

Just walking into that place gives me the shakes.

Today the stupid limit exceeded the building and after the 6th person who signed in for labs after I signed in left with their labs completed I walked to the desk and asked why. Oops...they needed to put me in the system special since this was a new year and I hadn't been there since last year...OK, but being January 4th and they were closed the 1st, you're gonna tell me those other 6 peeps had already been put into the system special? She said she would get to me "in a few minutes". 45 minutes later we left. I was hurting so bad when I got there(bad fibro day) and by the time I left the pain had escalated. Got home in time to down a quick lunch and dog cuddle moment in the recliner and now off to work.

Tomorrow is house cleaning/undecking the halls except for the tree day and READING the new Edward Kennedy book the library just got in for me.

Small note to share...I told Roger my concept of waking up each day with a new piece of poster board and as the day went on I could mentally add the memories of the day and reflect on them at night before I went to bed. My usually-supportive husband said, "Or light a match to the poster board..." No nookie for HIM tonight....

Have a wonderful rest of the day and BELIEVE in the adventures tomorrow has to bring.


Debra W said...

Happy New Year, Ness! Sounds like you discovered some wonderful finds! That's always fun!

I hope that the labs come back perfect.

Hugs and love,

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Good luck on the lab tests. Sorry you have to have them, but praying they are normal!

Everytime I get tests/scans the old fear is there, even tho I tell myself not to be that way. five years going on six for me post treatment.

I luv bargain shopping and repurposing! is fun for online looking!