03 January 2010

If THIS is how 2010 is gonna go, advance me to 2011 please

NOTHING SAYS NOTHING like that 3 a.m. phone call on 01/01/2009 about 3 hours after you have told your daughters Happy New Year, toasted to the new year and waved goodbye to them as they left for their house less than a mile away only to be told that your youngest daughter is acting weird and doesn't have a good pulse or breathing rate.

And nothing will do but that Mom has to be the one to decide what is going on and after checking her tells someone to call 911 because her lips are alternating between purple and clear and her heart rate is bounding so hard and so fast that you can't count it.

Having my best friend comfort my eldest who was crying and repeating, "I TOLD you something was wrong," and my son at my side monitoring his sister and trying to wake her up kept me in professional mode and I couldn't panic. Just had to let my nursing skills kick in. Seeing 6 EMTs working on her and shouting questions was just a run of the mill ambulance call to me who has done it countless times with Roger and my dad.

Having my oldest 2 kids tell me, "Mom, go back to bed. You're on Ambien CR. We'll handle this one at the hospital." was a comfort because at that moment I was too out of it and my professional mode turned off when the EMTs took her to the ambulance.

I woke up at 6 am, ran out of the bedroom, saw my son looking older than his 24 years and heard him say, "Mom, Kelli is asleep in Kathy's family room, Kiereney is asleep in Kathy's front bedroom. I just brought Kiereney home 30 minutes ago and I'm checking on her. She took 6 Oxycodone(pills prescribed for her headache). She had a bad headache when she left at midnight and went home and took her meds and forgot how many she had taken. The Narcan worked, she's had fluids, her vitals are back to normal. The physicians blessed her out in the ER. She feels like a complete idiot for having taken that many. Kelli went home to get the bottle, there had been 6 in it and it was empty. Go back to bed. I've got this."

When we woke up at 10 she and Kelli had left to go back to their house.

I didn't see her until about 6 that evening when she came back to Kathy's.

She said, "I need to talk to you Mom," so we went outside in the cold and she said how sorry she was to have put the family through that, that it wasn't a suicide attempt, she lost track of how many she had taken because the pain was so bad, she scared herself but good and she never wanted to take a pain med again, and I believe her.

I saw her again last night at Kathy's and we ate together and she was fine and still apologizing.

This 2010 started out with a little more, well, a hell of a LOT more oompa than I usually expect out of a new decade but I am very thankful that my baby is OK and I hope on 12/31/2010 I can say that we all lived happily ever after.

We just got home from Kathy's and I need to go to work but I wanted to catch my blog up since I purposed last year to be a daily blogger this year.

Kathy and I went shopping and I got a new exercise ball to replace the one my grandcat took out with a single swipe of his itty bitty paw and together with walking and bouncing on the ball, that will be my exercise regime for 2010. Outside of that, I am still keeping my mantra of BELIEVE and may add the word Kathy chose for this year which is SIMPLIFY. She is simplifying her house and becoming a minimalist and I will continue on the same road as I started last year at achieving a minimalist goal. I also want to get more meaningful quotes in my life so feel free to email me at with your favorite quote as I will be writing them out, framing them and decorating my bedroom walls with them for inspiration(of COURSE using recycled paper as to continue being a good minimalist...)

Believe and wake up tomorrow to the possibilities of your day.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

So glad your daughter is OK. That was a scary one. It's so easy to lose track when you are in pain. And especially after you've got some pain meds in you and they didn't even seem to phase the pain. Sounds like you have a wonderful bunch of kids that were able to step up and take care of things.

For her type of headache, would an occipital stimulator help?

I was desparate, looking at long term narcotic medication for a very bad constant headache condition when I lucked out and got considered for a study for these.

I am now on virtually no medication for headache pain, although other pains are gaining on me!!! There is no cure for my type of headache, so this was a life saver for me.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

UGH. So glad this story ended the way it did. I don't think you have enough candles on hand to have handled anything more.


Debra W said...

Oh Ness, I am so sorry that you went through all of that! What a scare!

I am on several pain meds, so I understand how important it is to monitor myself. I hope that KJ is able to find a way to relieve her headaches with something that is non-narcotic. I know that you understand what the options are. Living in pain is horrible and I feel so sorry for your daughter. I pray that she learned a valuable lesson from what happened and that she can figure out how to deal with the headaches. Oy. 2010 has got to be a better year!

I am still trying to figure out what my word for this year will be. Last year, it was patience, but it seems I will have to continue working with that one. I think that "courage" might be the word for 2010. We went to the court appointed mediator this morning and my SIL refused to meet with us. So, it's off to court we go. Ridiculous. I have had the worst headache all day. Life sure can get interesting!

May 2010 be a great year for us all.

Love and hugs,