12 January 2010

Making My Way Back Up The Ladder

 Yeah, working my way back up that ladder from my recliner.  I still feel cruddy but the show must go on!

My head still swims the backstroke but all in all I think I will live.

Working on a couple of projects to decorate my room with and another project for this year.  I chose a word SIMPLIFY and this crafty lady here has created a whole yearly craft around it that helps us OWN the word we have each chosen.  It's not too late, go over and meet Mo.  She is a hoot.

Continue to believe.  We need to become the body of believes and find our can-do attitudes.

Love you~mean it!


jojo said...

glad you are making your way back, now don't do too much and relapse! Going to head over to Mo, I have seen several people mention the "word" thing and it has piqued my interest...hmmm now I have to think of a word. Thanks Ness!!

Anonymous said...

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