25 January 2010

My New Best Friend

Map My Fitness

This place is gonna kill me!

If you've not been there and in need of walking, fly your fingers up to the link and get acquainted!

Roger and I have been using it for almost a week.

He needs to walk for his heart and lungs and I need to walk to help him walk(with all the meds I'm on plus no thyroid there is no way this babe will lose an ounce but it's supposed to help with fibro pain so we'll take it out for a spin) so I can bring up our area, map out the streets we want to walk and it automatically tells me how far it is.

There is a bike trail that we have started walking(accent on the word start).  It is at least 12 miles long.  I walk part of it a lot when I walk to the Metro but never walked the whole thing and have no clue where it goes so we've been finding out.  Today we started from the opposite end in the cold/wind/sleet(yes, we're crazy) and walked for about an hour.  Now I have to check Map My Fitness and see how far we walked.  I think we did close to 8 miles last week.

Roger goes back to the pulmonologist this Thursday and we're hoping for good news as we review the chest CT scan from December and see if the mass is growing.  Also they put him on massive prednisone for the BOOP they discovered he had after the lung biopsy in October and the prednisone has a plethora of side effects including bruising(yeah, he's still on Coumadin for his atrial flutter which doesn't help), imbalance while walking, very thin skin to the point that if you touch him, his skin breaks open and bleeds.  We're hoping we can wean him off the prednisone and maybe use something else for the BOOP.  And what caused the BOOP?  The Methotrexate that he takes for his severe rheumatoid arthritis.  He can't win for losing...

Still believin', still simplifying and still trying to turn into a minimalist.  Spring cleaning is around the corner and I will be looking for things to donate to Goodwill.  After I get my 2 bedrooms decorated(when we moved in here in October we threw the bed together and that's about it.  The other bedroom is quite small but will be MY room for sewing, crafting, etc.  I have ideas on decorating but now to get it from my mind to reality.


Alice said...

Good for you on the walking! I've started this week (3 days so far) and I can already tell a difference. So proud of you, Nessie. Can't wait to see you guys!


Debra W said...

Great to hear that you two wonderful people are getting out there and walking! Sounds like a great website that you recommended, Ness, I will have to check it out! Not only is the walking good for your pain, but it is good for the spirit, as well! Whenever I take my walks on the beach, I feel much better afterwards. I have heard that the closer that we stay to nature, the less stressed we feel. Keep enjoying those trails!

I will be keeping Roger in my prayers for good scans on Thursday! Keep us posted, dear one.

Much love to you. You are often in my thoughts and always in my prayers.

Love you,