05 February 2010

Is He or Isn't She?

Only ME would deliver Jake, Michael's cat, to the vet for front declawing and neutering ONLY to get a call from the vet not 10 minutes later telling me that the surgery would cost $20 more because they needed to do a spaying instead of a neutering...

And I have to go back tomorrow and pick Jake up from the vet...

I am SO mortified!

But not as mortified as I was to call my son and tell him the latest about his cat...

As a public service announcement, I'd just like to go on record as saying

1.  I didn't pick the cat out of the litter.
2.  I tend to believe people when they tell me what sex a cat is.
3. All orange tabby cats AREN'T male.

His Other Mother(his second mother, my best friend) is beside herself.  She took the seller's word at face or should I say sex value?  Michael always wanted a cat like hers and they got Jake for him as a graduation from college present.

This just defies words.

But, on the bright side, neutering or spaying does make an animal an "It" so we still have an It when all is said and done.

Somehow, I'm not deriving a lot of comfort with that.

And the fact is that Colin figured it out before any of the humans did.

I feel like I need to put a bumper sticker on my car that says "My Chihuahua is smarter that the adults in its life."

Who wants to go pick Jake up from the vet tomorrow and spare me the humiliation?

Wonder if I could get Jake on impersonation charges?

I'm sure my words to the vet on the phone, "You'd better look again!" went over big...


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Learned to sex cats from having many generations of barn cats on the farm I grew up in. Perhaps they don't teach that in school these days??? I had to laugh!!

Debbie Jean said...

I have heard of this several times. I do not have cats and never looked at their sex parts, so I have no clue what they look like. It's not your fault.. Go pick up Jakelyn...LOL.. and hold your head up high!!! LOL..

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Maribeth said...

ROFLMAO! This is too funny!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I always look.... but... cats are rather difficult to tell and if it is any consolation... JAKE is a LOVELY girls name :)

Anonymous said...

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