24 May 2010

Boots On The Ground

Michael texted me Sunday afternoon that he was texting under Washington clouds(He was at Ft. Lewis, WA for other training and it is known for cool and rainy weather.)  I offered to trade him since it is 90 here and I don't do heat or summer.

The journey begins.

I took last week off of work to hang out with Michael and do what I could to help him prepare for being deployed(paperwork, etc.)  We got started on Season 5 of The West Wing and he knows when he gets back he owes me 2 remaining seasons.  He watches it with me and interprets it, he being the history major and goverment buff. 

When Michael gets his address for the Sinai, I will post it here so you will have it.  The only restrictions(much to his dismay) is that sending chocolate probably won't work since the temps are so ungodly hot there.  I'm determined to find a way to send him his favorite Hershey's Kisses and Peanut M&Ms and homemade brownies. 

Please keep him and all our soldiers in your prayers.  I am so proud of him!

I have pics of the deployment ceremony on Facebook.  If you don't do Facebook and are interested in them, I can email them to you.  Contact me at

How am I doing?

Saturday was a bear of a day having to say goodbye to him and know there will be no more hugs for 400 days. 

Physically, Roger and I are not worth one person put together.  I raised up from the bathroom floor and caught my forehead on the corner of the marble sink top and raised quite a lump.  I didn't go to the Dr. because I thought better out than in and I didn't have to worry about a concussion but the headache is still there so I may have to follow up on that.  Roger is off the prednisone for his lung condition now and with all the side effects we pray he doesn't have to go back on it.  But his rheumatoid arthritis and gout is giving him a run for his money.  The Tramadol his internist put him on gives some relief.  The Methotrexate his rheumatologist had him on for a number of years worked great but they say it contributed to his lung condition and they took him off of breathe or to be in ferocious pain....that is the question of the moment.

Our garden has done remarkably well, at least as far as Roger is concerned...his radishes and onions have been plentiful(I don't like them) and I am waiting for the carrots, tomatoes and green beans to come to fruition.  I'm harvesting some lettuce today for salads for lunch.  Roger is down for the count in the recliner with his gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is sweltering here so I need to go and harvest the garden and get back in as I don't handle heat well.

I have missed communicating on here and will catch up with all your sites soon.

Don't~stop~believing and continue to keep CJ's family in your prayers.  This is truly hell on earth for them.


Mr Lonely said...

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WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Don't get overheated working in the garden! Understand the hot and humid problem. Sigh.

Debbie Jean said...

I just wanted to say, I miss your blog updates, Ness and pray all is OK. Please know that you, Roger, the girls and Michael are in my prayers. Email me sometime @ Love ya!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Ness - I have nominated your for the Versatile Blogger Award, if you care to exhibit it on your page.

The badge is at

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Hoping you and yours are doing well!