22 July 2010

Supercalifragilisticexpialdocious vacation!

These are Roger's kids, their spouses and children.  This was at Canandaigua Lake at a restaurant called The Steamboat right on the lake.

Let's see if I can introduce you to the cast of characters:

Starting from the left Michelle, son's Chris's wife holding son Daniel who is 4.  Chris (son) is in the yellow shirt with glasses near the middle.  Their other children include Christopher(age 20 behind and to the left of Chris), Emily(age 15 in the black stripes in front of Chris), Matthew(age 18 in the red and black striped shirt moving toward the right end) and Sarah(age 9 who is in the front row in the black tank top dress).  Then there is Roger's daughter Kate(in the black V neck dress next to Michelle), her husband John (with the gray hair and black shirt in the back center), their daughter Erin(18 in the blue stripes behind Kate), their daughter Grace(15 and to the left of Matthew), their daughter Marielle(20 to the right of Matthew standing next to me) and their daughter Alexa(10 standing in front of me).  Roger's baby daughter Lynda is in the center front with black shirt standing next to Sarah.  Her husband Vinny is in the red shirt standing behind Lynda to the right.  Their son Connor(13 behind Lynda to the left in light blue shirt) and son Kyle(11 in white shirt between Sarah and Alexa in front row)  If you look carefully in the last row, you will see the tiny face of Roger between Grace and Matthew.  One beautiful family which I am so blessed to be a part of.

This crew stayed in a 3 story house right on the lake with beautiful architecture and porches and flowering landscape.  Roger and I stayed across the lake at Inn on the Lake, a gorgeous hotel that had Adrionack chairs right on the lake where we spent time knitting and crocheting and enjoying the boats, the water and the peace.

Another picture of Roger and his grandkids on one of the porches at the house they rented:

(l to r) front row:  Sarah,Grandpa being a brat, Daniel, Emily and Alexa.
(l to r) second row: Connor, Kyle, Grace and Erin.
(l to r) last row:  Marielle, Matthew and Christopher.

Interesting side note:  Marielle and Christoper are 6 months apart.  Erin and Matthew are 3 months apart.  Emily and Grace are 2 months apart.  Then the maternity race ended and along came Connor, Kyle, Sarah, Alexa and Daniel(I gets confusing at the end).

We had a wonderful time the 4 days we got to spend with them.  We had to move the party to the Canandaigua Hospital when Roger decided at 6 a.m. Thursday morning not to be able to breathe and we had an ambulance to the hospital, one freaked out hotel manager when he had to get the defibrilator machine on standby in the room and a phenomenal ER and hospital staff who listened to me, his history and treated him for volume overload upping his oxygen saturation from 86% to 100% and getting him out of there in 24 hours so we could continue our vacay to Massachusetts and Maine to meet Hallie's mom, Hallie, John, Connor, Chauncey, Fenwick and Diablo and Kimmy, Ryan, Alex, Sophie and the bearded dragon, but that, my friends, is another post.

Stay tuned.


Mumsy said...

I got chills reading this post and looking at the pictures...what a wonderful family gathering. It is great you could all be together.

Glad you were able to inform them of Roger's medical history at the ER and they listened to you so they could get him back up and doing well so the fun could continue at a better place than the hospital.

Thanks, for sharing your beautiful family and great time spent with them. Hugs

Maribeth said...

How wonderful that y'all got together! Blessed. Yes, that's what you are. Blessed with a beautiful and loving family!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

What a lovely vacation, and great staff who stepped it up for an emergency. Kudo's to Roger for being able to do a 24 hr turnaround on that kind of emergency. One tough guy! With a very prepared wife!

Steph said...


What wonderful pictures of your family. It is good to have you back in blog land. I just updated myself for the first time in a long time!!!

Love ya,

Debbie Jean said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. The pic of Roger with his grandchildren is a hoot!! Memories to always be remembered. I am glad all work out well with the ER and Roger. Kudo's to the hospital for listening to you!! I saw you were in Ohio and asked where but never got a answer. Did you travel thru Dayton? Can't wait for the update with Hallie and family & friends. I know that was a dream come true for you. Love ya Ness!! Glad all went well.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean