16 September 2010

In The Hospital

My laptop that is, although I probably need to be but that's another blog post.

A week ago my hard drive gave up the ghost.

But then God sent a Computer Angel to guide me.

I had called Dell to get a new one(as in, come to find out, REFURBISHED one, for $70) which was to have arrived on the 15(Wednesday).

But THEN I discovered that my DVD door would not open and in order to reload the computer after I installed the hard drive, I would need to be able to open the DVD.

Enter Computer Angel.

I opened up the phone book on Sunday and looked in the Yellow Pages.  I did not want a place like GeeksRUs who would look at my computer with $$$$$$$ in their eyes.  I wanted an individual.

So I called the first ad that listed an owner and also did hard drive recovery.

He didn't answer or have an answering machine come on.

Strike one.

Before I could look at the next ad my phone rang and it was THE GUY!

We made arrangements for me to bring my computer over on Monday and he enlightened me that Dell was NOT selling me a new hard drive but a refurbished one.  No WONDER my last one only made it 2 years and I bought the computer NEW in 2006 from the Dell Factory and had already put a new(supposedly) hard drive in it from Dell in 2008.

So Roger and I went to see the guy on Monday.

Long story short, while he was talking I looked around and saw a CD from a church I had gone to, the church that my former pastor's son had for my formative years.  I asked if he was a member and he said YES!

That was my sign that my computer was in good hands.

Also found out we knew several of the same people and when we left his shop I called one of them and he informed me he had shaken hands with this guy after church the day before.


I'm having the keyboard replaced because it mysteriously got the unknown spilled on it by Somebody and doesn't work so I was using an auxillary keyboard which is easier for me anyway but as long as it was in computer ICU might as well fix what ails it.

Of course there would never be a good time in my life for this expense to occur...


If I don't have a computer, I can't work and I don't get paid.

My office has been looking for an excuse to pink slip me anyway so looks like I delivered it to them.

Time will tell.

So for those of you who checked on me and my whereabouts, thank you.

It always warms my heart to know someone cares.

Not sure when I'll be back in the land of the living computer.

But if you get a chance, go to my FB, click on my friend(and son) Michael Dwyer and check out the pics he posted from Cairo, Egypt with him riding a camel and of the Pyramids.

I've heard they're great but haven't seen them yet.

I wrote you first...such loyality!

So before my hour on the library computer runs out I'm going to gaze at my son and probably cry because I miss him more than I thought I could miss anyone.

Continue to take care and always, always BELIEVE!


Debbie said...

Your title scared the crap outta me!

I'll go check out Michael on FB :)

Glad you got a nice guy to fix your computer. Relief....

No pink slip. Wouldn't be right :(

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I was ready to get a prayer circle going for you because of the title, but after reading this maybe I should any way. Sounds though like God has already intervened. Thanks for taking the time to update us from the library!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your computer, but glad to know it is not you in the hospital...the title of your post made me think it was you. That is terrific that you found just the right man to fix your computer. Hoping it won't be long before you have it back. Hugs

Laura ~Peach~ said...

loved michaels pics... and thankfully i knew you were talking about the computer thank you telephone calls :) before seeing your title for this post!
love ya... hope the job is ok.

Anonymous said...

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