01 October 2010

Preaching to the Choir

In our last episode, Ness had been without her computer for at least a week, maybe two...her mind is gone forever out to lunch.

This week their truck blew the motor in the middle of the town square.

It had to be towed(Progressive Insurance is SUPER!)

She and her husband rode home in a black and white
(police car)

The estimate is $6000

And it still has monthly payments.

Am I concerned?

That would be no.


That is the $64,000 question.

I guess I still am believing for a solution.

Solutions are:

Come up with $6000.00 to fix as in loan because that is our only option. (We have poor family relations anyway you slice it)

Tow home and let sit until the $6000.00 drops into our laps somehow.

And did I mention that the computer is STILL in the shop and no doubt my job has gone down the crapper.

Can I even SAY crapper?

It's my blog so I guess I can.

But the important thing I want to impart to my readers, God bless their few little numbers is that I want you to


It's the best thing I've got going for me~HOPE

And without it...

Well, we will not even go there.

I miss you and love you all and someday, somehow, somewhere...

In the meantime, continue to enjoy each 24 hours you have.

Next month is my reality check with Siteman Cancer Center.

And I have been told that thyroid cancer usually makes a come back after the 5 year mark which was July 19, 2010.

I just want to see my son first.

And I'm believing that's going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Ness you had a plate full already...I am so, so sorry. I am believing and hoping with you dear sweet lady. Prayers will be going up for you as always too, you can count on that. Try to keep your chin up, put a smile on and keep on believing. The sun will shine hang in there. Love and hugs sweet Ness.

jojo said...

Oh Ness, when it rains it pours and you certainly know that already. How you stay so positive is the question I have...I try but I am a miserable fail at it.
Just diagnosed with t-cancer and every time I get overwhelmed I think of you...five years out...and I calm a bit. Take care sweet friend, I miss you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and prayers and thank GOD the truck decided to go to shit in town and not somewhere between Il and Ga... Good lord :)
love you heaps...
it is in his hands!

jojo said...

Ness...if you happen to see this! I'm sorry, I was sleeping!! I will call you tomorrow...

Debbie said...

Ness, I have been praying for you and hate I didn't get to talk to you last night. Should have just let David call back. Duh.

Believing in God and positive thinking will see you through, as you know. It's the waiting...we're here and love you.

Michael is always in my prayers!

Laura said...

dear Ness, I'm praying for a solution to fall right into you lap...maybe several solutions (so you can see that there are options) far you have chosen a healthy option, I think..."DON't PANIC"...such a terrific choice! I'll be praying for your doctor's appointment to be one of good health, and that you will see your beloved son again very soon.

gentle steps

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Praying for you, your family, your computer, your vehicle, your job... this is when I wish I had money because then I could help that worry...

I am 6 years going on 7 years cancer free. Looking forward to you being 5.25 years cancer free!!!! Can't do anything about the fear that lurks with each checkup - that just stinks!

Laura said...

thinking of you this morning Ness....sending love and healing energy:)