21 June 2011

She's Like The Wind

flying around on her

new Dell inspiron 560 DESKtop.

I was a desktop girl in a laptop world.

And now I'm set up in the mainstream of the duplex(dining room) so I can see Roger in his recliner, monitor the kitchen and answer the door without racing down stairs.  I always go into new things screaming and kicking but since my first computer was a desktop, the transition hasn't been bad(I can SEE!) and Windows 7 seems to be playing nicely.  Now to get my iTunes transferred over to this computer.  Roger's laptop gave up the ghost a couple of years ago so he has my old one and loving it.

We FINALLY got the at-home nebulizer and Roger is doing so much better!  He sees the pulmonologist on Thursday.  I was given my marching papers from the plastic surgeon yesterday.  The scab is off and rescabbing and time is taking over and doesn't charge me a copay, either!  He figures it will take a good year for all to heal. 

I know you saw it coming...

(wait for it)

I got the combo platter of Roger's bronchitis, a Heinz-variety virus from Virginia and one from Illinois and I have been too sick to die!  I swear I was sick enough that I ~almost~ offered to trade it for the stomach flu....almost.  I didn't know my body would hold that much mucus!  I started with Coricidin HBP, added Cipro and finally had to go to Phenergan with codeine for the nonproductive cough.  Everyone but the furkids had a degree of it.  I think we may have turned the corner.  I didn't know you could get "winter season sick" in the summer.

I would love to rent a cabin for our anniversary in September for a few days.  Our dream is to live in a cabin, big porches, huge kitchen/family room, woodburning fireplace in Colorado.  Yeah, I know, if beggars were horses, wishes would ride.  That's the next event coming up.  Michael is up in the air at the moment and I'm hoping not Afghanistan air. 

Take care, stay cool and keep on BELIEVIN'!

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Paxie said...

Congratulations! I'm in the desktop world...always have been. I also need to SEE!!

Sorry you've been sick but thrilled Roger is breathing better. I have a small idea of how it feels.

A week of stomach yuck here, but on the mend.

Hugs to you sistah friend!!