10 July 2011

Day of Rest?

I totally agree with the concept above...

I am writing to my friends and will talk to some of you today so Friends is covered.

Family is milling about me like bees, so I'm good there.

Roger and I are reading the chronological version of the Bible to each other every evening and we do bedtime prayers(and yes, yes, you are all in them) so that's covered.  I didn't make it to Mass this morning but I communed with Him while I was outside at 6 a.m. cutting down weeds in The Space Formerly Known As The Garden(too much rain, too many medical issues and not enough time and I am missing my green beans, tomatoes and butter lettuce IMMENSELY)  So I can put a check mark by God in the list.


Yeah, let's talk about that.

Most people do not have a problem with the concept.

Most people do not have OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder aka anal retentiveness).

I'm a card carrying member as you may remember...

So at 6 a.m. I was outside chopping down weeds in a 4 x 4 space(I mean, communing with God and God, I did not mean the unkind words I spoke about your vegetation(aka STUBBORN WEEDS).  Then I came in, ate breakfast, read the paper, explained the concept to my husband that although we ARE a team, I woke up early, he didn't, I let him sleep and I did the weeding and he was not happy I did a solo act but all is well now.

THEN I decided today was the day to set up the new file cabinet downstairs at the computer console so I went through and sorted bills, papers, etc, made folders, explained the system to Roger and now that is a go.

Went down to the basement to the freezer to get out ribs for supper.  This involves going out the back door, unlocking the cellar door(think Wizard of OZ cellar when the tornado came), going down the 5 steps, not falling into the floor drain for the washer, unlocking the freezer and then reverse.

So I came here to contemplate how weeding, filing and fetching works into the Sunday plan of Family, God, Friends and Relaxing....

I guess I could spin it like this:

If I don't feed the Family I won't get to Relax. 

If I didn't do the weeds, my mind would continue to worry and get the OCD all fired up and no amount of Prozac or Clonazepam would take care of that.

Ditto for the filing.

So now that I have reconciled this, I'm heading to the recliner to watch Law and Order SVU reruns.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Laura~peach~ said...

sounds like a great plan to me... i think the babies names are... racer, tom sawyer and huck finn :)

jojo said...

your day sounds perfectly normal to be...a little ocd here too...and a little goes a long way don't you think?! Relax...

Debbie Jean said...

I too have OCD. My husband says it's being impatient, but it's OCD. If something needs done, I just have to get it done.
When I was a little girl, Sunday was for church, and rest only. No housework, etc was to be done, as it was the Lord's Day. No stores were open, etc. I miss that. Now Sunday seems like every other day.
You are in my nightly prayers. I hope I am one of those friends in yours. ILY!

God Bless~

Paxie said...

Used to be I tend to be a procrastinator until the old OCD acts up and then I put the medal to the metal and don't stop.

I'm glad you didn't fall, so congratulations on that and all your accomplishments!!

Now rest for a long time :)

Alice said...

You NEVER slow down woman!! Hope you are finding ways to relax this week....:)

Anonymous said...

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