08 July 2011

Where the Star Gazer Lillies Bloom

I discovered Star Gazer Lillies right after my divorce and though I'm not a pink/purple person, I found them majestic with their regal look and touches of white.

When Roger and I got married September 1995 we used Star Gazer Lillies at our wedding and on the invitations.  The attendant dresses were in black, burgandy and teal solids and Kiereney had a full skirted dress with all 3 colors~stay tune for wedding pics on our anniversary 09/02/2011.

So when we moved here, I planted 6 bulbs in front of the porch.  To my amazement, some prior tenant had planted some along the edge of the house.  It seems that Little Bunny Foo Foo always nibbles my first plant so it never grows but the other 5 always do.  The ones by the house are the bloomiest ones at the moment but mine have started to open.

Have a believable, phenomenal weekend of being good to yourself!


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Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Ness those lilies are gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

jojo said...

that last photo is stunning!