04 July 2011

Happy Birthday CJ!

So is Heaven rockin' your fave music today?

Balloons galore?

Great food?

Does your cake have sparklers on it?

And I know they're having a solar storm there from your million dollar smile beaming through Heaven...that's a given.

But I am SO jealous!

I want you down here today.

I want to be able to dial your number and hear your voice~that laugh~the way you would say, "Awww, Ness...."

I miss you SO, SO much CJ!

I don't think simply talking to your star will do tonight.

But what I really, really wish is that you were at\\on Orchard Drive in Auburn, surrounded by family and friends celelbrating the milestone that 22 is all about...

But tonight, I will be on a bluff in Illinois toasting my glass of wine to you and your family.  I will be watching fireworks over the Mississippi River that I hope will at least give your million dollar smile a run for its money although it's doubtful.

I will be remembering all our convos on the phone, the IMs, and knowing that I was one of the luckiest people in the world for having known you.

I will be saluting all those who wear and wore the uniform to keep this country free.

You still light up my life although it comes from my heart and the memories now...

And your star.

Shine brightly tonight, CJ!

Today is your birthday!


jojo said...

absolutely beautiful very touching.

Alice said...

Just perfect. I wish all of those things, too.

Debra said...

Such a beautiful post and such a loving tribute to very missed and very cherished young man.

Biggest hugs and lots of love,