07 September 2011

Ken Mayo asked Kiereney Jo Dwyer to marry him and she said YES!

I knew this was in the works...

Ken called me about 6 weeks ago and asked for Kiereney's hand in marriage.

He was going to be off Labor Day weekend so we planned to go to Richmond, VA.  Kiereney and Ken both went to school there and we used to live there and his family lives there.

He took her to Carrabas, an Italian restaurant at Hampton, VA Friday night.

He arranged with the waiter to present her ring on the dessert sampler tray.

They rolled a napkin into the shape of a finger and secured it to the tray with chocolate.  They placed the ring over the napkin in the center of the tray.

They asked if they wanted dessert and Kiereney said no.

The waiter insisted that NOONE left his restaurant without dessert and he was bringing out a dessert sampler tray for them.

The tray came out, Ken kneeled, gave her a proposal speech and took her RIGHT hand.

She jerked it back.

He said, "You're not going to get away that easy."

She told him, "Uhhh, it's the LEFT hand."

Poor guy was so nervous he forgot.

Saturday we had a BBQ at Ken's brother's house so we could meet his family.  Very lovely people.  His mom and dad are warm, friendly and you felt like you knew them forever.  His brother, sister in law and 4 y/o nephew were phenomenal.  And the food!  Chicken and shrimp shisk kebobs, corn on the cob, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, hamburgers, hotdogs, fruit and dip, cupcakes and brownies.  Needless to say we didn't go back to the motel and eat supper that night.

Ken worships the ground that Kiereney walks on.  Ditto for her.

Ken is enlisted in the Army.  He finished Basic in June and is now in AIT school at Ft. Eustis, VA with his major in avionics technology.  He will be working on the Black Hawks and Chanook helicopters and possibly train as a back up pilot.  He will be done with school in January and then we see where he is stationed.  Having to schedule around the Army is a pain.  They originally wanted a 9/1/2012 wedding but depending on the Army and where he is sent, that could be pushed up.  His mom and I are very resourceful(his brother gave his mom 2 days notice before they got married and she made the flowers and arranged everything in Florida.  Her son is in CIA through the Air Force and her husband is retired Army.  With Ken and Michael both Army, life will be interesting.  I've told them they can't deploy at the same time.  Like I have any control!

Kiereney starts CNA school the first of November and in 6 weeks she takes her test and will be a CNA.  She is paying for the wedding; we're paying for the dress.  So far I've heard the color is purple.

I'm very happy for Kiereney.  God know she has been through enough medical issues over the last 3 years and it's time for some happiness. 


Laura~peach~ said...

congratulations KJ and the whole family :) may many blessings rain down on all! love ya

Paxie said...

Congratulations to Kiereney & Ken! Wonderful news and I hope they have a very happy life together :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

How very wonderful! Congrats to all.

jojo said...

Congratulations all around, I have chills just reading about this wonderful news..giddy girl that I am!!

Debbie said...

Very happy for KJ and Ken!! A wedding to plan for! How fun is that? Soon ness, you will be a Mom in law and after that a GRANDMa! LOL. I am extremely happy for the family!!!
Love ya!

God Bless~

Alice said...

YAY!! I'm so excited for you all. What wonderful news and great blessings. Prayers for all of you for a happily ever after. xoxo

Carlos White said...
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lovesex said...

good congratulation for KJ and whole goodluck for them lifes, and nice for

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