02 October 2011

Doing that IL to MO hospital thingie again

Our story begins Thursday, September15...

Roger woke up unable to breathe and had chest pain but wanted to call his pulmonologist because he just KNEW it was his lung condition(BOOP) causing the problem and his Dr. would just increase his prednisone.

Then I find out that for the last 4 days he had been taking DOUBLE Lasix because he was having trouble breathing and thought he was filling up with fluid.

What happened to telling your wife about this?

Anyway, the Dr.  called back and said to get him to ER.

They got him right back and the first blood pressure reading was 130/55!

55 is a no-no.  Should be around 80.

Numerous blood tests, an ABG, chest x-ray, pulmonologist and cardiologist later, it was definitely his heart and not his lung condition.  He was admitted and started on IV Lasix.

Got home about 9 p.m. Thursday night.

Friday was the day straight from the 7th layer of hell!

A little background...

D2 drove down 2 hours south to show her dad and stepmother her engagement ring and stepmother being the drug addict she is, gave D2 a
BOX(5 patches)
of Fentanyl, which she started using.

In addition to the myriad of other meds she is on, the Fentanyl made her looney tunes.

She had been seeing a therapist in St. Louis(about what I do not know) and had an appointment on Friday afternoon. 

Michael drove her over there, dropped her off and went to pick up Kelli from work.

They went back to the office to wait.
And wait.

Finally D2 came out and said the therapist wanted to speak to Kelli.

She told Kelli to get her to St. Louis University Hospital ER because she was going to be a psych admit.

Seems like D2 had made references to not wanting to live anymore, etc., had lost 20 pounds in a week from not eating or drinking anything and running 3 times a day(who can tell a 24 year old anything?).

So D2 and Michael took her there and D2 refused to go in.  She called the therapist back and said she wasn't going to go and the therapist told her she would TDO (temporary detaining order) her and she would be admitted.

I get a call at the hospital that my youngest has been admitted to a psych ward in St. Louis.

Kelli and Michael told me to stay with Roger and they would handle D2.

Roger's cardiologist came in and talked to us about Roger being in end stage congestive heart failure, that he would be on oxygen 24/7, his CPAP mask would have oxygen on it now and all they could do was try to switch some meds around to help the heart pump better.  They upped his Lasix from 40 mg a day to 80 mg with another 40 mg available if he couldn't breath during the night.  They also were sending him to a CHF Clinic within the practice who would monitor his meds, etc. 

In the meantime, Kelli had told D2 she would take her to a Foo Fighters concert in St. Louis.  Of course, now that wasn't going to happen so Kelli took her boyfriend, Jay.  D2 kept the phone hot wanting clothes brought to her so she could get ready for the concert.  My stress level was at DEF COM.

I brought Roger home Saturday night where he lives in the recliner.

Michael had found an apartment in Richmond, VA and was planning to leave Sunday but wouldn't D2 came home.

Well, we found out that D2 had lifted his ATM card and helped herself to $400.  This was after she ran his car into a curb on the Thursday Roger was admitted and racked up $300 of damage.

Are you tired of reading yet?

Imagine living this nightmare...

So Michael decided that he would leave for Richmond early Monday morning before D2 came home because he was not mad, but hurt that she would do that to him.  He's been so good to her, financing her every whim but that show was over.

I was called to the St. Louis Hospital on Thursday for a family meeting.  Met with D2, the social worker, nurse, interns, etc. and said there were conditions to D2 coming back to my house.  No driving my car, I would have all her meds locked up in my safe and would give them to her when they were due and a host of other rules including not arguing with Roger who doesn't need the stress.  Roger and I had had enough of her yelling, drama, etc. and we drew the boundaries.  She agreed to all of it, the medical team signed off on it and I brought her home on Friday the week after she was admitted.

Things were going well and then she started complaining about the rules, telling me that her doctors said her mother was being impossible, that she would never get better, etc.  She can talk faster than I can think.  So I was upset the doctors undercut my rules in MY house and I gave her all the meds out of my safe that were hers.  Then this past Friday she had another apt. with the therapist and since I wouldn't let her drive our truck, I had to take her.  She didn't want me to go in, I could stay in the parking lot, etc.  Not in THIS section of St. Louis so I picked up Kelli from work and we went back and she finally came out.

Flash to yesterday.

3 doctors called here wanting to talk to her and come to find out, at the apt. the day before she told the therapist that she wasn't sure she wanted to live anymore...I got the call and told the therapist I didn't appreciate my rules being undercut and she said she never said anything to D2 about it...imagine that.  Kiereney fabricates again!

Flash to today.

Kelli had to pick up her meds at WalMart and D2 said SHE would take her.  I told her over my dead body would she drive our truck.  She said I said she could drive this week....wrong.

To add to the drama, her finace' is flying in to see her this Friday for 4 days.  He is paying for a rental car so guess who will be driving that?  I won't say she is in no condition to drive...I just don't want taking chances she'll wreck my truck up.  I don't have money to repair such things.

I keep saying that in less than a year, she will be married and will become Ken's problem. 

So if anyone is keeping score, Kelli is dating Jay, who is Army National Guard, D2 is engaged to Ken who is in the Army in AIT school learning to work on helicopters and Michael is in the National Guard and has filed the paperwork for a rank increase to Captain and wants to go to Afghanistan this Spring.

I'm surrounded.

So that is why you have not heard from me....I've been too busy running the zoo and running myself into the ground. 

But, hey, I'm still BELIEVING and I hope you are, too.

Love to all, Ness


Anonymous said...

Whew!!! Sweet Ness I am trying to catch a breath for both you and me. Mercy!!! Have you ever been through it. I will be praying for you sweet friend. I have been through the mental health humps and bumps with my youngest daughter for many years, that is until she married. Now her hubby tries to deal with it all. Reading about your daughter sounded as if I was reading about mine. Amazing how they can manage to get things done the way they want them isn't it?

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping all is much better very soon and you can get a break, some rest and just breathe.

I am still believing with you sweet Ness. Hugs

Laura~peach~ said...

love you too!!!!!

Debbie said...

Thinking about you, Ness and loving you too. Praying everyday. So many of us with problems right now. I am glad we have each other. I pray Roger gets better. Sounds like he is on about the same oxygen levels as David. He also has oxygen in his CPAP, and 24/7. David has cor pulmonale, not sure how that is different fron CHF. I don't understand all those things. Just know I love you, and you and the family are in my prayers.. (((Ness))).

God Bless~

jojo said...

bloody hell Ness bloody's all I got. Love and prayers to you my sweet, strong, beautiful friend.

Paxie said...

Goodness gracious sakes alive!

Wow. I'm about speechless on this end. Love you Ness and I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

Give Roger a hug from me ♥

TonjiaT said...

oh Lordy, you do have your hands full. I am wondering if Kierney needs some inpatient rehab before she can make decisions on her own.

You mentioned the Fentanyl patches, is she abusing narcotics? Things like this can destroy a family Ness.. Hang in there, hugs to you and the kids!!

And make Roger stay in that recliner! LOL

LauraX said...

oh Ness....what can I say? I'm so just doesn't end does it? Sending you love and strength dear soul.

Debra said...

I just came by to check on you and realized that I somehow missed all of this! You are one of the strongest, most loving women that I know but I wish that there was someone who could take care of you during these crazy times!

I pray that things have gotten better with your daughter and that Roger is healing well after his surgery. I realize that Kiereney's problems will be long term so I hope that Ken is able to support her and help her to cope and heal. I cannot believe that her stepmother gave her a box of Fentanyl! She must be insane! ARGHHHH!

Please remember to take care of yourself in the midst of all of the craziness and know how much you are loved and cared about. I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this, my friend.

With love and healing hugs,

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