30 March 2012

About That Scary Project for 2012...

Well, it took me almost 3 months to read the instructions over and over and over about making this purse...

I actually read and comprehend quite well...can we just say it was a stall technique?

I didn't have the confidence that I could do it.

My sewing resume started in 1970 and among other things includes a sports jacket for my exhusband, a bridesmaid dress for one daughter, numerous musical costumes for the other daughter, costumes for my son's musical programs, a plethora of dresses for myself and 2 quilts for the girls. 

Definately not inexperienced...

But scared.

The fibro has reduced my mind to mush....short term memory~long term memory~any type of memory to the point that it is being brought to my attention when my family can't take it any longer.  Like I do this on purpose.  It's a combo platter of fibro, chronic fatigue syndrome and radioactive iodine treatments for my thyroid cancer.

Fear is fear is fear.

And it's easier not to do anything than to fear of failure.

I got off early from work yesterday morning and went to confront the demonic purse pattern.

I re-read the directions AGAIN

I laid on the bed and came up with plans....first I would just pin the selvages of the material together.   Then I would iron the pattern pieces. 

After that was done, I decided it wouldn't hurt to pin ON the pattern pieces to the material.

And after that, why not cut them out?

But then some of the pieces had to be cut out twice and I got really brave and flopped those pieces on the material and cut one of them with the original piece still attached to the pattern.

That was daring IMHO.

But then I was tired and my all point security system told me that to continue in that condition would land me a big epic fail.

So I put everything away.

I took pictures of the cast of characters.

The outer material in pseudo suede.

The lining which is chocolate brown pseudo suede.

The purse.

There are 2 outer pockets on each end of the purse.  It closes with a magnetic snap.  There is a few pockets in the inside of the purse.  With leftover material I'm going to make a change purse, an eyeglass case and whatever other necessity I deem vital and have enough material for.

Today I'm still feeling brave so I may just sit down and finish it like I would do all my previous projects.  I've been known to start an Easter dress about 3 in the afternoon (including going to buy the material, supplies and pattern) and stay up all night to do it and finish it in time to wear to 6 a.m. Easter sunrise service.

But I was younger and braver there.

In other news, Roger turns 76 on Saturday and I bought him a Jitterbug phone.  It's for people who have problems hearing and seeing the buttons to dial.  He loves it.   Probably going to explore a restaurant supply store where individual can purchase and he will be in kitchen heaven plus order in to watch the semi finals of the NCAA basketball tourney and gorge on some chocolate birthday cake creation that is yet to be determined.

Yeah, I'm still BELIEVING and I hope you are, too.

Did I mention Kiereney and Ken are getting married in Illinois instead of Virginia on September 8?  This was decided 2 weeks ago.  She wants to get married in the Methodist Church 2 hours south of here that her grandparents, her parents and other close friends got married in.  Her dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories are chosen and being paid for.  Of course, every other day she threatens to elope.  I think it's supposed to upset me but she would be wrong.  However/whatever she wants to do is fine with me. 

It all comes out the same in the end.



Laura~peach~ said...

you are braver than me... i need to sort and clean this house... and GET RID OF JUNK... but i dont seem to get beyond the thinking about it part... GAH

My Hair said...

Wedding plans!!!!! How exciting, Nessie! I am so happy for you and hope that you are enjoying all of the planning. I can't believe that the boys are now 6 and 7! Time just keeps ticking by, doesn't it???
Good luck

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